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Condo Hotels Dubai is a division of Sheldon Greene & Associates, Inc., a licensed real estate broker. The firm was founded in 1970 by Sheldon Greene to specialize in the sale of hotels. Located in Miami, Florida, it became one of the largest real estate brokerages in the hospitality field.

Eventually, Sheldon's son, Joel Greene, joined the firm. In 2000, Sheldon and Joel recognized a new trend in hotels. They saw many luxury hotels, both new and existing, selling their rooms as condos to individual buyers.

Owners could use their condos as vacation homes whenever they wanted and place them in a professionally-managed rental program when they were not using them. They would share in any revenue their condo generated. Furthermore, they could sell their condo hotel unit when they wanted, much like a traditional condo, and profit from any appreciation.

Sheldon and Joel quickly recognized the benefits of this unique real estate investment and set about becoming experts in the field. They established Condo Hotel Center in 2002. Today, the firm is the worldwide leader in the sale of condo hotels and is also the #1 source for information on the subject with its 500+ page website,, and its popular Property Alert newsletter.

In 2005 Sheldon and Joel learned of some new condo hotels being built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They and their research team spent several months investigating opportunities in this dynamic region.

They found that the condo hotels were five-star quality and were being sold at considerably less than similar U.S. properties. Furthermore, some of the developers were offering guaranteed returns of as much as 8% to buyers. Sheldon and Joel decided to introduce Dubai's condo hotels to their clients. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Based on the high interest level they found, they created a new division of the company called Condo Hotels Dubai. This division is exclusively dedicated to finding condo hotel properties in Dubai, particularly in the pre-construction stages when prices are lowest and selection is greatest.

Today, Condo Hotels Dubai operates in tandem with Condo Hotel Center. Their approach to doing business is one and the same: provide clients with a wealth of information on quality condo hotel properties, enabling them to make informed real estate investment decisions.

For more information, contact Condo Hotels Dubai at or call their Florida office at (954) 450-1929.

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